The Central Commission for the Tajo-Segura Transfer has authorized this Friday a transfer from the Entrepeñas-Buendía reservoirs through the Tajo-Segura aqueduct of 16 hm3 for the month of June 2022. Of these, 7.5 hm3 will be used for supplies urban and 8.5 hm3 for irrigation.

As announced by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the meeting analyzed the hydrological situation for the month of June and the forecast for the coming months.

The Commission has verified the maintenance of level 3, which corresponds to an exceptional hydrological situation that will foreseeably continue for the rest of the semester.

The telematic appointment has verified that as of June 1, 2022, the situation of the system is that corresponding to level 3, referring to exceptional hydrological situations, for which a transfer could be authorized on a discretionary but motivated basis, of up to 20 cubic hectometres ( hm3).

In addition, as of June 1 there is a volume of transferred water available in the Segura basin for supplies and irrigation of 19.71 hm3 and an authorized volume pending transfer for these uses of 112.1 hm3.

The decision to limit the transfer to 16 cubic hectometres is a consequence of the application of the principles of prevention and precaution considering the reserves of volumes of transferred water available in the Segura basin and the authorized volumes pending transfer as of June 1, as well as such as the reduced estimate of contributions for the coming summer months and taking into account the estimated supply and irrigation consumption for the coming months.