A baby kidnapped from the hospital shortly after birth keeps almost the entire Bremen police on their toes. Therefore, two investigators are investigating the death of a young man, both of whom are actually not on duty: Liv Moormann (Jasna Fritzi Bauer), who would like to work for homicide, and Mads Andersen (Dar Salim), who is actually sitting on packed suitcases and would rather leave town today than tomorrow. In a neighboring high-rise settlement, they come across traces of the murder. Among the suspects is the family of young Jessica Stiehler (Johanna Polley), who has just given birth to an infant.

The focus of “Newborn” (book: Christian Jeltsch; director: Barbara Kulcsar) is not on solving the crime, but on the life of the people in Bremen’s hotspot district. Those who live in this high-rise settlement can no longer expect much. There is, for example, Rudi Stiehler (André Szymanski), once a promising football talent before a cruciate ligament rupture ended his career abruptly. Today he runs through the district in a Werder tracksuit and mourns the days gone by. So that he experiences something like appreciation, at least for brief moments, his daughter secretly writes letters from supposed fans.

Others dream of appearing in a talent show in order to be in the limelight at least once. “Babies are a status symbol here. They should show that everything is good and not shit,” says Liv Moormann, expressing the attitude towards life.

The actual murder case is not very sophisticated and predictable. It’s actually just the foil to introduce the new investigators and to characterize the milieu. A little more tension would have been nice.

The ambitious but still inexperienced Liv Moormann doesn’t even have the job yet and is already throwing herself into the investigation. The hard-nosed Mads Andersen is actually already on his way back to his native Copenhagen. Both together they make an effective team, because they don’t bother with the usual “Tatort” teasing, but get straight to the point. “Sometimes it helps to be who others see in you,” the Dane explains to his colleague. “In life or at work?” She wants to know. “You don’t separate that either.” These short sentences characterize the new ones very well.

The well-known BKA officer Linda Selb (Luise Wolfram), already known from the Bremen “Tatort” episodes by Inga Lürsen and Nils Stedefreund, completes the unequal trio of investigators – who draw their strength from the diversity of the characters.

Successful rejuvenation: Despite small weaknesses, this “crime scene” is worth it – just because Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Dar Salim are so great. Be sure to check out the case again!

The “Tatort” episode “Newborn” was first broadcast on May 24, 2021. ARD will repeat the film on Friday, April 14 at 10:50 p.m.