Germany’s starter Isaak came twelfth with his “Always on the run”. It was the best German result since Michael Schulte’s fourth place in 2018. Isaak was particularly able to score points in the jury vote.

It is Switzerland’s third victory at the ESC; Céline Dion last won for the neighboring German country in 1988. The Swiss starter Nemo, who lives in Berlin, tells his own story with his hit. The singer says he doesn’t feel like a man or a woman and classifies himself as non-binary.

Nemo was considered the favorite in the betting shops for a long time, but shortly before the final he slipped and was overtaken by the Israeli Eden Golan. However, Golan only received a few points from the juries of the 37 ESC participating countries and ended up in fifth place. Their performance was accompanied by whistles and boos in the Malmö Arena. Some fans had called for Israel’s exclusion from the ESC because of the Israeli government’s actions in the Gaza Strip after the attack by the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas last October. For this reason there were also protests on the sidelines of the ESC final.