The Berliner Bäderbetriebe want to start renovating three bathrooms this year. In addition to the wave pool at Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg, which is to be renovated from May, investments will also be made in the Schöneberg municipal pool and in the Zingster Straße swimming pool in Hohenschönhausen, the state-owned company announced.

A total of 152 million euros is available for ongoing and three planned projects. “That’s an enormous sum, which enables us to invest so extensively in the pools that was previously not possible,” says CEO Johannes Kleinsorg.

The EUR 42 million renovation of the wave pool at Spreewaldplatz is the largest single investment in the company’s history. In addition to the basic renovation, the redesign of the sauna area is planned. The roof is to be newly insulated and fitted with a photovoltaic system. A height-adjustable floor in the plunge pool is also planned so that it can be used for courses.

In the early summer, work should therefore begin in the Schöneberg municipal pool. The windows are to be replaced there and the ventilation systems renewed. The pools get new tiles. The lining of the pools with stainless steel and the renovation of the common areas in the Zingster Straße swimming pool are planned from autumn.

The roof of the Sewanstrasse swimming pool is currently being renewed while the facility continues to operate. Larger repairs are therefore pending in the Stadtbad Wilmersdorf I and in the combined pool Mariendorf. The summer pool of the Spandau Süd combined pool also needs renovation. In the coming years, further partial or complete renovations are planned, including in the Stadtbad Mitte, in the Sommerbad am Insulaner and in the combined pool in Mariendorf. New buildings are also being planned, for example the Pankow multifunctional pool.

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