Almost two out of three people in the EU feel psychologically stressed by world events, according to a survey.

Events such as the corona pandemic, Russia’s war against Ukraine or the climate crisis have further shaken the already unstable mental health in Europe, the EU Commission said. She commissioned a representative survey, according to which 62 percent of respondents answered that such events had a “somewhat” to “a lot” influence on their mental health.

Within a year, almost half of all participants had struggled with emotional and psychosocial problems. However, more than half of those affected did not receive any professional help. In addition, only about a third of those surveyed by the Ipsos Institute believe that mentally ill people receive as much care as people with physical symptoms. However, nine out of ten respondents are of the opinion that mental and physical health are equally important and should be promoted to the same extent. Around 26,500 people aged 15 and over from 27 EU member states were asked for the survey in June 2023.