In the inner cities, they have recently attracted attention because queues, sometimes meters long, formed in front of them. We’re talking about donut shops. Be it Dunkin’, Royal Donuts or Brammibal’s. The sugar donuts are more popular than ever. The hype comes from the USA, where they are a national treasure.

“Stiftung Warentest” tested 19 unfilled donuts for fat content and quality, sugar content and harmful substances. Depending on the offer with caster sugar, icing, fat or chocolate icing – packaged and loose from the counter. The roll from the chains against donuts from supermarkets and discounters. The conclusion: delicious donuts are not only available from specialty stores, but also from Aldi and Edeka.

Test winners are the loose, glazed donuts from Aldi (92 cents for 100 grams) and the packaged sprinkled sugar donuts from Aldi Nord (1.54 euros) and Edeka (1.35 euros). The testers were impressed by the taste of the Royal Donuts (3.60 euros) and the frozen chocolate donuts from Bofrost (1.99 euros).

However, the donuts are not a good snack for in between meals, especially for children. They contain way too much fat, 14 to 35 percent to be exact. Surprisingly, they score solidly on sugar content. The Royal Donut has the highest sugar content with seven sugar cubes per 100 grams, the others get by with four sugar cubes per 100 grams. Just for comparison: the same amount of fruit ice cream comes to twelve sugar cubes, milk chocolate even to 20.

The good news: Anyone who treats themselves or their children to fat knuckles from time to time does not have to worry about harmful substances and carcinogenic trans fatty acids. All suppliers have this under control and also do without artificial colorings. The chain donuts have the heftiest prices at up to five euros and also the longest queues. If you want to save both money and time, just go to the discount store around the corner.

You can read the whole test here for a fee!