More crimes have been reported at German train stations. This was reported by “Spiegel” on Friday, citing an answer from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a question from Bundestag member Sahra Wagenknecht. According to federal police statistics, 267,889 crimes were registered last year, almost 11,500 more than in the previous year (around 4.5 percent).

According to the figures, which were also available to the German Press Agency, 1,691 victims were either railway employees or worked at the train stations on behalf of the company. This roughly corresponds to the number in 2022 (minus 1.1 percent).

According to the report, the most common group of crimes was fraud and breach of trust (around 76,000 cases), followed by violations of residence law (around 57,700 cases). In addition, around 40,000 property crimes and around 25,000 cases of property damage were registered.

According to the police crime statistics presented at the beginning of April, more crimes were recorded overall last year. The number rose by 5.5 percent nationwide compared to 2022 to around 5.94 million.