According to a new survey, the SPD around Prime Minister Stephan Weil is still ahead of the CDU a few days before the state elections in Lower Saxony. In a survey published on Thursday by the opinion research institute Civey for the “Spiegel”, the Social Democrats came to 33 percent, the coalition partner CDU with Weil challenger Bernd Althusmann to 27 percent. The Greens reach 17 percent – a red-green alliance would therefore have a majority. The AfD gets 10 percent, the FDP with 5 percent still has to worry about entering the state parliament, the left would not move into parliament with 4 percent.

The state election is on Sunday. The SPD and CDU are currently governing in a grand coalition in Lower Saxony. A continuation of the alliance is considered unlikely. In the 2017 election, the SPD was the strongest with 36.9 percent, followed by the CDU (33.6), the Greens (8.7), the FDP (7.5) and the AfD (6.2).

Election polls are generally subject to uncertainties. Among other things, declining party ties and increasingly short-term voting decisions make it difficult for the opinion research institutes to weight the data collected. In principle, surveys only reflect the opinion at the time of the survey and are not a forecast of the outcome of the election.

ZDF “political barometer”: SPD ahead of CDU

Shortly before the state elections in Lower Saxony, the SPD can maintain its lead over the CDU, according to a new survey. This emerges from a survey published on Thursday by the research group elections for the ZDF “political barometer”.

The SPD of Prime Minister Stephan Weil comes to 33 percent (plus 1 percentage point compared to the previous week), the CDU with challenger Bernd Althusmann only 28 percent (plus 1). The Greens remain unchanged at 16 percent, the AfD at 10 percent (minus 1). According to the survey, the FDP still has to worry about its place in the state parliament with 5 percent (unchanged). The left would again miss out on entering parliament with 3.5 percent (minus 0.5).