In fact, there is no significant difference between a kettcar and a go-kart: in both cases it is a pedal car for children that is operated with pedals (or nowadays also with a motor). However, since the Kettcar is a registered and protected brand name, other manufacturers are not allowed to call their vehicles that way – which is why the name go-kart has become established. The question arises: Are the technical details of the sports racing car always the same, regardless of the name? The answer is: no. We explain the most important criteria.

Most pedal cars for children look (almost) the same: Four wheels, a steering wheel, a saddle and two pedals are the common features that all pedal cars have in common. However, when it comes to the technical details, such as the tire quality and gear shifting or the type of brakes, there are small to large differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. For parents who want to get their offspring a pedal car, these purchase criteria should be important:

1. Actionbikes Motors go-kart

According to the manufacturer, this go-kart with chain drive and handbrake is suitable for children from the age of three – with the maximum load limit being 30 kilograms. The pedal car has a freewheel function and was equipped with an (adjustable) bucket seat and low-noise EVA tires that are said to be heat and aging resistant. The go-kart is also available in three different paint finishes.

2. “Batmobile” by Hauck

The “Batmobile” (for children from four years of age) from Hauck offers a little more comfort: Here the maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms, the go-kart also has plastic wheels with rubber tread and a handbrake on both rear wheels. In addition to the adjustable seat, the pedal car scores particularly well with its futuristic-looking body, its sporty rims and the typical identifying feature of Batman: a bat logo.

3. ArtSport 2-Seater Go-Kart

So that there are no arguments between siblings, they can also share a go-kart with a chain drive. All they need is a second seat, like this ArtSport pedal car. Available in four different colors, the go-kart offers space for two people: with a load capacity of up to 80 kg (25 kg at the back). The car has air-filled tires with steel rims and a handbrake, a height-adjustable steering wheel, reflectors and wheel housings with chain guards.

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