In fact, not all dishes in the air fryer can be prepared without any fat at all: To prevent certain foods from sticking or burning, the removable insert of a hot air fryer can be oiled before each use. And so it happens as it must: both the fat and foods that become liquid when heated (such as cheese) drip through the grid. This process can be avoided by using special molds for hot air fryers. Unlike normal baking paper, these do not have to be cut, torn or folded. Nevertheless, you should consider a few important points before use – we have summarized them below.

The biggest advantage of baking paper for hot air fryers is clearly the reduced cleaning effort: the round, square or rectangular molds are non-stick, oil-proof and waterproof, so that liquid fat and food are caught in them and do not drip onto the floor. The raised edge also protects the inner walls of the air fryer from grease splashes. The application is therefore very easy.

As nice as the idea of ​​a clean hot air fryer is after every use, the use of baking paper also has its pitfalls. The fact is that the air in the Airfryer cannot circulate as usual through the waterproof molds. This in turn leads to the performance of the kitchen appliance being reduced – and the preparation of your food taking longer than usual. It can also happen that the food does not crisp up evenly on all sides. In addition, the baking paper is a disposable product that usually ends up in the trash after one use.

When preparing very fatty foods or dishes with cheese that can quickly overflow, it makes sense to use baking paper for hot air fryers from time to time. When it comes to performance, crispiness and sustainability, cuts are not a sensible solution.

In contrast to normal baking paper, heat-resistant silicone inserts for hot air fryers are more sustainable because they can be easily cleaned and then reused. Here too, there are round, rectangular and square molds (depending on the size and shape of the air fryer). When buying, however, make sure that the inserts are free of PVC and BPA – a so-called plasticizer. According to the manufacturer, a corrugated base should also ensure that the air can circulate better under the food, making the food crispy as usual.

And another tip: The silicone inserts for hot air fryers (like the baking paper cut-outs) not only have different shapes, but also different sizes. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure the insert of the air fryer first before deciding on a model.

If you want to use the baking paper for your hot air fryer, you should definitely read this warning beforehand: Never place the mold in the air fryer without weighing it down with food. Not even when preheating. The paper is very light and the airflow generated inside can reach the heating element of the device and therefore catch fire! Before using it, also find out whether the manufacturer of your hot air fryer recommends against using baking paper. 


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