Warm weather will be back for this weekend, as temperatures of up to 30 degrees are expected in parts of southern Quebec with possible showers in places.

In Montreal and Montérégie in particular, the mercury is expected to rise with a humidity of 35, while, after the alternation of sun and clouds on Friday, cloudy weather is expected on Saturday and rainy the next day.

In the west of the province, Environment Canada forecasts rain that will begin intermittently for most areas on Friday, when temperatures will be within normal seasons.

From 22 to 25 degrees are expected in the center of the province on Friday, while for the weekend the temperatures will be on the rise with showers in Quebec and Saguenay and cloudier weather in Estrie.

In the east of the province, the federal agency forecasts a fall in the mercury between Saturday and Sunday, dropping from 26 degrees to 11 degrees in places, while showers are expected on Sunday in Bas-Saint-Laurent and Côte-Nord. .