The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, recalled this Wednesday in the plenary session of Congress that the PP was “convicted of corruption” and has snapped at the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamarra, that they are the “Popular Party of the day before yesterday” , who was more aware of “stopping that famous little notebook” of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

Previously, in the government control session, Gamarra focused his speech on the espionage of the so-called ‘Pegasus case’ and reminded the Chief Executive that his Executive “was born from a diabolical pact” with those he knew were being investigated. “What are you going to grant the spied Aragonese?”, He has asked himself.

Gamarra has affirmed that there are “many unknowns” that Sánchez has to clear up about the investigations of the National Intelligence Center after the dismissal of its director, Paz Esteban, and has asserted that “he cannot deny that he was aware of who was being investigated and why”. For this reason, he has summoned him to clarify that, if he knew, what political relationship he established and arrived with those investigated.

“It is a real nonsense to negotiate the investiture with those who were being investigated due to the danger they posed to the rule of law,” exclaimed the leader of the PP, to reproach Sánchez for “opening the door of La Moncloa” for them in those circumstances. .

Sánchez, who has blamed Gamarra for asking him the same thing that Pablo Casado already asked him months ago, has brought up Bárcenas’s “little notebook” and in the face of the stir caused in the Chamber for alluding to the conviction for “corruption” of the PP, has proclaimed: “The truths hurt”. In addition, he has assured that the Popular Party “today, yesterday and before yesterday practices the same denialist opposition against the general interest of the Spanish.”