As things stand today, Jamie Oliver aka The Naked Chef has already published 27 cookbooks (including several Spiegel bestsellers). Below we will introduce you to all of his works, especially the last five new releases – sorted chronologically – in more detail. We’ll also tell you how the British television chef managed to take the hearts of his viewers by storm alongside Tim Mälzer.

In fact, Jamie Oliver made his first attempts at cooking in the kitchen of his father’s fare. After completing his home economics training at Westminster College, he learned the fine art of cooking at the Neal Street Restaurant alongside Tim Mälzer. Under the watchful eye of Gennaro Contaldo, an Italian restaurateur. However, The Naked Chef was only discovered in the River Café, a restaurant where he then worked. Since then, the TV chef has become an integral part of television. His quick and simple recipe ideas not only made it into a number of series formats, but were also recorded in numerous cookbooks. Below we have summarized his 27 works to date chronologically.

In this 320-page cookbook by Jamie Oliver, the sunny Mediterranean flair is the focus of all the dishes. Whether salads or soups, stews or pasta, vegetables or pastries, seafood or fish: Most of the over 125 easy-to-cook dishes from “5 Ingredient Mediterranean: Simply Brilliant Cooking” contain only a few ingredients and are meat-free or meat-reduced.

The name says it all: “ONE: Brilliant One Pot Dishes” illustrates more than 120 uncomplicated recipes to cook on 312 pages. And Jamie Oliver wouldn’t be who he is if every dish required more than eight ingredients. Whether it’s a home office lunch, a quick dinner or a meat-free alternative – there’s something for everyone.

As a father of five children, Oliver knows exactly how important it is to spend time with – and care for – family. Or to cook. In “Together – Everyone at one table: Over 120 recipes for family and friends” the chef presents 360 pages of varied dishes that are intended to feed two to 14 people.

Jamie Oliver also keeps his promise in this 320-page cookbook “7 times different: 7 recipe ideas for your favorite ingredients”: With no more than a maximum of eight different ingredients, The Naked Chef serves 120 different dishes from common foods that everyone has at home.

This cookbook is just right for vegetarians: In “Veggies: Simply Vegetables, Simply Delicious,” Jamie focuses exclusively on meat-free recipes. Or as Oliver would say in his own words: “It’s simply about super delicious food that happens to be meat-free.”

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