Transparency note: This interview is part of a conversation published in August 2023 and has now been updated. It is not related to the Luke Mockridge case.

Ms. Brandes, you have supervised over 6,000 cases as a victim advocate. What does your experience say: Are there more or fewer sexual assaults today than before? It seems as if there are more because we look more closely today and more sexual acts are now criminalized than before. However, the Internet today also offers many additional options. Anyone planning a rape can now easily find out what means can be used and how they can be verified. Therefore, my advice: If you have even the slightest suspicion that knockout drops were used, you should immediately have your blood taken at the doctor or in the hospital. These substances can only be detected in the blood for around five hours and in the urine for twelve hours. The perpetrators know this, the women often don’t.

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