“With this commitment, a transformative effect is sought across all sectors, from adaptation to climate change to cooperation with the economy,” the RND quoted from the paper. The development ministry also wants to work to increase gender equality projects in multilateral institutions.

As in other parts of the world, girls and women on the African continent are worse off than men in many areas of social, economic and political life, the paper says. Access to health care and contraceptives is restricted. In many African countries, girls are forced into marriage.

“These inequalities violate the human rights of girls and women and have consequences for their well-being, their educational opportunities and their creative freedom,” says the report in the Africa strategy. They also cost economic power and social progress. “The Federal Development Ministry is therefore systematically promoting the political, social and economic participation of African women in the spirit of a feminist development policy and is strengthening their rights, representation and resources,” the RND continued.