First he failed to fill up at a gas station, then he ripped off the fuel nozzle when driving away – and all of this is recorded on video: A motorist has received a criminal complaint because he did not report to the gas station in Rinteln in the district of Schaumburg to pay for damage. The man tried to refuel almost two weeks ago after regular opening hours, the police said on Friday. According to video surveillance, he was not able to do this even with the fuel dispenser. Then he drove off, but had forgotten to take the nozzle out of the filler neck. He yanked the gun off the hose, pulled over, took the gun out of the filler neck, and drove away.

Finally, the gas station filed a criminal complaint against the driver. According to the information, the police are now using the owner data to determine who drove the car. “A simple “I’m sorry, I’m ready to pay” would have spared the accused criminal charges for property damage,” the police wrote in their statement.