The Income Guarantee Income (RGI), in the process of being revised, is the aid that people without resources or those who do have them but do not allow them to cover their physical needs receive in the Basque Country. The recipients, who have to meet a series of requirements, can be unemployed people, workers with meager salaries, pensioners, immigrants without a residence permit, etc.

In some cases, the RGI can be accompanied by the so-called Complementary Housing Benefit (PCV), an aid to meet the rental costs of the habitual residence.

It is a periodic benefit with a maximum amount of 275 euros whose objective is to cover the needs related to the home or habitual accommodation of the holders of the RGI.

These needs include rental expenses in any of the lease modalities: rent, co-lease, lodging and room rental.

-Be a holder of the RGI

-Not having an apartment owned or rented that is public protection.

-Find the need to meet the rental costs and be able to justify it with supporting documents, such as the lease or any of the other rental modalities.

-There cannot be a relationship of kinship up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity between any of the people who make up the cohabitation unit and the landlord of the dwelling or any of the members of their family unit.

-Be registered, or have requested registration, as an applicant for rental housing in the Etxebido service of the Basque Government Housing Department.

Those interested in receiving the benefit must complete the ‘RGI-PCV Application/Review’ form posted on the Lanbide website and present it at the corresponding office according to their postal code.

-If in the same dwelling there are two or more cohabitation units united by kinship, only one benefit may be granted.

-When the same private address is shared by two or more unrelated living units, a maximum of two benefits can be granted.

-In the case of collective accommodation (pensions, hostels) there is no limit, and it will be granted to all the coexistence units that meet the requirements.

Interested parties must present, at a minimum, these documents:

-Those accrediting housing expenses: rental contract or, where appropriate, sublease, co-lease, lodging or room rental.

-Documentation showing that you are registered with Etxebide as a rental housing applicant.

-Proof of payment of rent, sublease, co-lease or pupelaje.

-In cases in which the application derives from a change of address, the current registration form must be presented in that dwelling.

Every six months, the holder of a PCV must submit supporting documents for the rental costs of the home or regular accommodation. They can be private receipts, invoices or proof of bank payment.

These supporting documents must include:

-Basic identification and location data of the issuing natural or legal person, including the DNI or tax identification number (NIF). This includes the name and two surnames and ID of the owner, main tenant, or leasing company.

-Name and two surnames of the owner of the lease.

-Expense concept.

-Amount corresponding to the rent.