“Food and drink are important, right,” Simon Tress knows what he’s talking about. The boss of “1950” is considered a pioneer of sustainable cuisine and has been wearing the Green Star since 2020. He had the honor of awarding the ten new sustainability stars at this year’s Michelin Guide awards ceremony. What he didn’t expect: He would be the first person that evening to be awarded a star – and that was a complete surprise to him. “It’s amazing, crazy, crazy that we can do this with our so consistent concept,” he stammered, overwhelmed. He is in good company; with him, 31 other restaurants were raised to one-star level this year.

The Michelin Guide is well disposed towards the German gastronomy scene. In total, the restaurant guide honored 340 establishments – more than ever before. And this despite the fact that there is a crisis in the industry. In recent months, the catering industry has experienced a veritable wave of closures, and many fine-dining restaurants have also been affected. Even Ralf Flinkenflugel, director of the Michelin Guide for Germany and Switzerland, said he was surprised by the new record given the situation.

The youngster

Cédric Staudenmayer is just in his mid-20s and has now also been awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant “Cédric” in Weinstadt, Baden-Württemberg. He impressed the inspectors so much with his modern, regional and seasonal menu that they immediately awarded him the “Young Chef Award”.

The established one

Sven Elverfeld, head chef at “Aqua” in Wolfsburg, has established himself in the Olympus of top gastronomy. He has received three stars for the 16th time in a row. The first time in 2009 he was speechless and had to drink a glass of water, he told Michelin before the award ceremony. “The moment [was] something very emotional for me, also because I was ridiculed from the start for my decision to go to Wolfsburg,” he said. The 2024 award ceremony was also supposed to be emotional for him: he also received the “Mentor Chef Award”.

The new star

He provided the surprise of the evening: Edip Sigl has worked his way into the culinary elite. His restaurant “Ess:enz” is now one of the ten three-star restaurants in the country. The chef only got his second star two years ago. The jury said: “A really great achievement. What stands out here is the absolute top quality of the products and Mr. Sigl’s very personal style.” He himself said that he didn’t believe that more could be possible within three years – “a dream comes true.”

The rising star

Everyone had expected him: Christoph Kunz takes off with his “Komu” and goes straight from 0 to 2 stars. The “Falstaff” had already celebrated the new restaurant of the Munich star chef, who previously worked at the “Alois”, as “Opening of the Year” in its 2024 restaurant guide.

The loser

Last year, the “Überfahrt” restaurant on Lake Tegernsee was one of the best of the best. Christian Jürgens was head chef there for years. After a scandal last year, Jürgens had to leave. This meant that the restaurant had to lose its three stars. The restaurant doesn’t plan to go back into regular operations until late summer, then with Cornelia Fischer as the new head chef. Whether she will manage to bring the stars back remains to be seen.

Green stars

77 restaurants can now call a Green Star their own – ten more than in 2023.

New additions include:


There was particularly strong growth in one-star restaurants. 32 have been added, making the total now 280.

New additions include:

2 Michelin stars

Three more restaurants have been awarded two Michelin stars this year. There are now a total of 50 restaurants in this category in the country. New additions include:

3 Michelin stars

Ten restaurants can look forward to three stars, which is as many as in 2023. However, there was a change. The restaurant “Überfahrt” is no longer there, but Edip Sigl’s “Ess:enz” has been promoted. Lost stars

27 kitchens had to give one or more stars. The reasons for this vary – either they have since closed or they could not maintain the quality.

Sommelier Award

In 2024 the “Sommelier Award” goes to Stéphane Gass. He works in the three-star restaurant Schwarzwaldstube. He has been a sommelier for more than 30 years.

Young Chef Award

Last year, Alina Meissner received a star and was also awarded the “Young Chef Award”. This year she handed over the baton to Cédric Staudenmayer from the “Cédric” restaurant in Weinstadt, who had also recently received his first Michelin star.

Mentor Chef Award

Christian Bau grabbed the award in 2023, this year Sven Elverfeld can take home the award. He is one of the regular guests at the Michelin Awards. He said: “Nobody here would be as good without their team. The mood in the team has to be 100 percent right, otherwise it won’t work.”