Do you feel like packing your bags in a new city, but you don’t want to leave your current employer? Here are some tips to help you negotiate a move with him.

1. How to sell telework to your boss

A very useful argument to put forward: productivity. Less time and energy spent on transport, more efficiency at work. According to a study commissioned by the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE), teleworking allows companies to increase productivity by 5 to 30%.

“Prove to your boss that you are an employee who practices self-discipline”, explains Maxime Coignard, coach and author of the bestseller “The 7 Laws of Change”. You can also show him, with figures, that you will make him money. Fewer square meters of office space for rent, fewer miscellaneous charges, less absenteeism and turnover.

Offer a “trial period” by gradually testing the new device. And to reassure him about the future, demonstrate that you master remote work tools: videoconferencing apps, instant chat tools, data sharing systems, etc.

2. Become a partner rather than a simple employee?

You can offer your boss to create your own company and become a partner by setting up in the provinces. “Sites can help you get started, such as and all self-employed sites. The golden rule is that of win-win. Not romantic or emotional, but solid, concrete, figures…, advises Maxime Coignard. In short, land in the office of the boss with a real business plan. Preparation ahead of the interview is 99% of success! “. If you work in a small structure, bet on the adhesion of the team. “I advise in this case not to go into battle alone but to create a collective”, notes Maxime Coignard.

3. Convince him to go with you?

And why not convince your employer to move with you? Reassure him to make material and administrative tasks easier for him. There are two useful sites for owners who are moving their business: or https://actualité The regions also have their very effective attractiveness agencies: ARSENE in Normandy, Lattitude Manche, Corrèze conciergerie… Don’t forget the chambers of commerce and industry. List of regional economic agencies:

4. Negotiate the terms

Take the opportunity to negotiate all the professional and material conditions of this change of life. Most of the time, your employer will cover moving and relocation costs.

Good to know if you want to settle abroad, the Remoters site allows you to find the ideal accommodation to find an office anywhere in the world in a few clicks, thanks to the French people already present on site.

5. Moderate your enthusiasm and remain realistic

You have to take time and be wary of fantasies of an ideal job and the little house on the prairie. Make a list by prioritizing your values. Stay realistic. If you plan to leave your current position, look carefully at those who could match you and the employment rate in the regions envisaged, the local resources. In short, investigate local economic networks.

In any case, get support by carrying out a skills assessment, and do not hesitate to follow a training course before taking the plunge. As for your family… Think about that too! Without the full support of the spouse and children, especially teenagers, for the mobility project, all of this can be doomed to failure.

The Paris I leave you platform brings together all those who want a change of scenery.

6. Get help from the pros!

Many “nannies” today offer much more than just a moving service. These specialists prospect to find you the ideal accommodation and the office that suits you, they also manage the many registrations… The best-known relocation agencies for employees and companies: Executive relocation, CSU, Sirva Relocation, Crown Relocation, Cartus, MRS Management, Your Story in Paris, Altair, Helma,…

You can benefit from professional mobility assistance if you are an employee of a non-agricultural private sector company with 10 or more employees, if you have to change your place of residence following a hiring or a professional transfer. This aid finances the search for accommodation, on the condition of being transferred at least 70 km (or more than 1h15 journey) from the former residence. A near-zero rate loan can also be granted to you.

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