The Popular Party maintains the pressure on the vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mónica Oltra, after this Monday Ximo Puig has avoided clarifying whether he will dismiss the leader of Compromís in the event that, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office, she is entered in the case for the management of sexual abuse of a minor under guardianship by her ex-husband.

In this regard, the spokeswoman for the PP in the Valencian Parliament, María José Catalá, pointed out this Monday that “Vice President Oltra should now leave her position in the Consell for political coherence.”

The popular trustee has indicated that «the standard that is applied to Oltra in the case of the minor in care who suffered abuse by her ex-husband has been set by herself.

She is the person who put the measure and established what is the line to assume political responsibilities beyond the judicial ones».

For Catalá «its current incoherence is very surprising. She is the first to demand political responsibility when a public manager did not do it correctly, she is the one who led the demonstrations in favor of feminism and against sexual violence, and she is the one who considers herself feminist and that is incoherent with the actions of the Department of trying to discredit the testimony of an abused minor, not believing her testimony and labeling her a liar. She has also had to see how almost twenty officials and people under her responsibility have had to parade through the courts as defendants in this new process. And she is the one who is supposedly going to have to testify as a defendant.”

“With all this, it is evident that all the elements are present for her to understand that for consistency in politics she must leave her position,” he added.

María José Catalá has pointed out that «Puig’s attitude in this case shows extreme and absolute weakness. He is totally dependent on Compromís to the point of not assuming responsibility for him as president of the Generalitat. A president who cannot demand that his vice president take a step back is a captive president, who prioritizes the chair over the honor that he should guarantee in her position ».