In 2023, more than 7.8 million people (over 14 years of age) went hiking in their free time – this is according to current statistics. And the German Hiking Association (DWV) also found in a survey that demand has increased significantly due to entry restrictions abroad. As a result, the DWV advises anyone interested to use the entire hiking network in Germany for the current season: Here you can get an overview of all routes. And the ADAC has also put together an overview of the 14 most beautiful hiking trails for beginners and advanced hikers, families and individualists. Once you have chosen a tour, you still need the appropriate equipment and the right hiking accessories. We’ll tell you what shouldn’t be missing in your backpack.

When temperatures are low or on rainy days, breaks from sitting can become uncomfortable for the baby if they have to sit on a cold bench or cold stones. An insulating and waterproof seat cushion is very useful here. It takes up very little space in your backpack (when folded) and is therefore the ideal companion for on the go. Depending on the manufacturer, there are different sizes and colors, but the functions are always the same. Here you will find a thermal seat cushion.

If there’s one hiking accessory that shouldn’t be missing in your backpack, it’s a Swiss Army knife. The all-round talent combines several functions in one: a large and a small blade, a can opener and two screwdrivers (3 and 6 mm), a bottle opener and a wire stripper, a piercing-drilling-sewing awl and a corkscrew, a wood saw and a multi-purpose hook, a toothpick and tweezers as well as a ring. The knife is compact, light and durable. The right model is available here.

It is a must-have for night hikes, but also a practical gadget at dusk: the headlamp. It sits firmly on the head and is still so light that it is hardly noticeable and does not restrict you in any way. Most models have several brightness levels – such as different floodlight modes and spotlights. The headlamp is waterproof and can illuminate the path for between five to 20 hours (depending on the setting). You can get a corresponding model here.

During a hike it can happen that it rains for several hours at a time – at some point even the waterproof shoes no longer help against damp calves (and socks). To protect them from cold, wet and dirt, gaiters are a practical accessory. They are made of windproof and waterproof materials and prevent moisture from penetrating from the calves to the socks. Get the hiking gaiters here.

Young people in particular often have reservations about hiking poles because they still feel “too young” for them. They are of great use when ascending and descending, especially on longer distances: They can relieve the strain on the knees, wrists, shoulders and elbows. They also provide more drive and support balance on uneven roads. But what should also be emphasized: Most models can be folded up and easily stored in a backpack. There are adjustable hiking poles here.

On high mountain peaks, you can not only enjoy the good views with binoculars, but you can also better explore and observe animals and plants. In addition, distant signs, paths and huts can be spotted more easily and quickly. Aside from that, you can also enjoy countless sights from afar. And since small and compact binoculars fit in any backpack, they are the ideal hiking accessory. Here you get a model with 12x magnification.

A certified first aid kit according to DIN13167 should also be included in every hiking backpack in case of an emergency. It contains all the utensils you need to treat minor accidents (e.g. abrasions, insect bites or blisters), such as: a plaster set, various types of bandages, a rescue blanket and scissors, vinyl gloves and cleaning cloths. And also important: instructions for first aid in the event of an accident. The compact set for on the go is available here.

A practical picnic blanket made of abrasion-resistant material for outdoor activities can also be folded thinly and easily transported. Thanks to the water-repellent polyester underside, no moisture penetrates the floor, so the blanket can easily be spread out on a wet meadow. This hiking accessory is particularly practical for families with children as several people can sit on it. Here you can get the waterproof picnic blanket in different colors.

For long hikes, there is another gadget that can be a real help: the survival bracelet. As the name suggests, the accessory is not stored in a backpack, but rather worn on the wrist. It is multifunctional and combines a whistle for emergency situations, a mini knife as well as fire steel and scraper in one bracelet. But what’s even more exciting is that it is made from parachute cord, is three meters long when strung up and can carry up to 160 kilos. The bracelet is available here.

Last but not least, this classic should not be missing: a GPS device. The compact model is a compass, altimeter and hiking map in one – and works even if your cell phone no longer has reception. For people who don’t have good orientation and rely on navigation, the device is certainly a helpful companion in the mountains. And since it works without any problems even in bright sunshine or heavy rain, it can definitely make sense to buy it. The model is here.

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