The Presidency of the Cortes de Castilla y León has sent the Socialist Group a request to remove the rainbow flag that it placed yesterday on the fourth floor, where its offices are located, on the occasion of LGTBI Pride Day and in response to the refusal institution to illuminate the parliamentary headquarters with that ensign.

Sources from the Cortes de Castilla y León have explained to Ical that it was yesterday when the request to remove the flag was sent to the email of the Socialist Group based on a 2020 Constitutional Court ruling that prohibits the use of unofficial flags in Public Buildings.

The flag is currently still on the fourth floor, occupied by the Socialist Group, sources from this group have confirmed and it will be at a press conference, convened for this morning to present the manifesto on the occasion of Pride Day, when they assess this decision

The President of the Cortes, Carlos Pollán (Vox), rejected the Triángulo Foundation’s request to illuminate the parliamentary headquarters with the rainbow flag, like other years, on the grounds that they are not a vulnerable group, although dozens of people gathered, convened by this group, to illuminate the institutional façade with flashlights.