During the international search for a two-year-old girl from Serbia, a promising lead to Vienna turned out to be false. Little Danka’s parents thought they recognized their daughter on a video showing a child accompanied by two women in the Austrian capital.

After the recordings were published, the women reported to the authorities and the identities of the three people filmed were clarified, as the Vienna police announced. A connection with the missing Danka can now be “clearly and without any doubt ruled out.”

Girl missing for a week

The girl has been missing in Serbia for more than a week. Danka was last seen on Tuesday last week in front of her family’s house in the village of Banjsko Polje in eastern Serbia. She had played there with other children. According to her own statements, the mother briefly went into the house to get drinking water for the children. The police stated several times that they were investigating in all directions. Many fear that the little girl may have been the victim of a kidnapping or a violent crime. The search moves the entire country.

The video recordings came from a Serb living in Vienna who thought he recognized Danka at a tram station and filmed the child and her companions with his cell phone.

The authorities in neighboring Montenegro are also looking for the girl. Interpol issued a missing persons report.