The Free Voters want to continue to govern in Bavaria as a “centre party” and a “party of common sense”. That’s what state chairman Hubert Aiwanger said at the final sprint of the election campaign in Mainburg, Lower Bavaria. As his party’s top candidate, he once again campaigned for votes in the beer tent for the state elections on Sunday (October 8th).

At the same time, he looked to the future: the Free Voters should move into the Bundestag in 2025. “This is urgently needed,” said Aiwanger and shot against the federal government’s policies, for example on immigration, the heating law, the economy and hospital financing as well as in the cannabis debate.

According to Aiwanger, his party no longer wants to watch as Germany is de-industrialized, as farms are redeveloped and hospitals are closed. It’s about maintaining prosperity and not about party ideologies. “We must not declare marginal issues to be main issues.” Politics must deal with the issues of ordinary people.

The Free Voters want to continue to govern together with the CSU, which was clearly favored in the state elections. According to recent surveys, in the fight for second place, Aiwanger and his party friends are in a neck-and-neck race with the Greens, with the AfD close behind. The SPD was recently at around 9 percent.