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It is already clear that the average additional contribution rate of the statutory health insurance companies will increase in 2023: according to the decision of the Federal Ministry of Health, it will be raised from the current 1.3 percent to 1.6 percent. This value does not yet say what your personal cash register will look like in the new year. For some, however, it is already clear: Yes, it will be more expensive! We show which ones.

All health insurance companies charge a general contribution rate of 14.6 percent of gross monthly income. There is also an individual additional contribution. For this purpose, an average additional contribution rate is redefined annually as a guideline; for 2023 it is 1.6 percent, so an average of 16.2 percent is due in total. However, the health insurance companies are not obliged to increase their contributions accordingly – it depends on their own financial situation.

According to the financial test, the following health insurers have already announced that they want to stay with their previous rates:

One health insurance company will even lower its additional contribution: Instead of the previous 1.29, the SKD BKK will only charge 1.15 percent in the new year, and thus a total of 15.75 percent.

Finanztest has asked all 73 health insurance companies that are open to those with statutory health insurance – many of them will only be able to provide information on their contribution changes soon, as their boards of directors will not meet until December. However, three are already planning an increase: Pronova BKK requires 16.30 percent from 2023 (previously: 16.10 percent), BKK Freudenberg 16.10 percent (previously: 15.90 percent) and Salus BKK 16.19 percent (previously: 16. 05 percent).

Six have already announced that they will increase it – the amount has not yet been determined, but the additional contribution should be less than 1.6 percent:

By the way: For the time being, the health insurance companies no longer have to inform their members about an increase in letter form – it is sufficient, for example, to communicate changes on the website. Finanztest is gradually publishing on its own website which contributions will ultimately be due in 2023 at the individual health insurers.