We published on on December 9, 2021 under the headline “He had to leave his country in a hurry, says Afghanistan’s ex-President Aschraf Ghani. stern research proves: That’s a lie”:

“In a document, investigator Fazlis lists alleged sources of funds: ‘fixed percentages’ from the Investment Projects Department, the National Procurement Bureau, the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel. Also: ‘all appointments.’

A former diplomat explains what the latter means, using the example of the Foreign Ministry: ‘Fazli has sold more than a dozen ambassadorships. Berlin and Delhi cost $400,000, Ankara, Prague and the consulate general in L.A. $300,000, and the embassy in Washington half a million. The ambassadors got the money back through transactions in the foreign missions.’

Three years ago, for example, deals involving thousands of fabricated documents were uncovered at the Afghan consulate general in Bonn. Some of the staff involved applied to the country’s embassy in Berlin. The landlord later became Ambassador Yama Yari, who is considered to be Ghani’s confidant. Before his time in Berlin, he was repeatedly under fire from parliament and the media in Kabul. As a minister, he had to defend himself from impeachment proceedings for alleged misappropriation of budget funds. Then it became known that he was a British citizen. He declared part of his property holdings in England by means of the notarized certificate of inheritance from an elderly lady who had died of cancer.”

We correct this.

1. Ambassador Yama Yari did not buy his post as ambassador in Berlin.

2. Yama Yari has not enriched himself through business in the diplomatic mission.

3. As a minister, Yama Yari did not face impeachment for alleged misappropriation of budget funds.

4. Yama Yari does not own any real estate.

The Publisher.