To enhance the immune system of animals.

The fishing group and MAAVi, the research center of the Kimitec group, will collaborate in the development of natural probiotics to improve the immune system of farmed animals.

Among the lines of research of the collaboration signed between the two is also the development of new foods for farmed species from the revaluation of by-products from parts of the caught fish that are not used for human consumption.

MAAVi is the largest research center in Europe focused on natural agriculture and one of the largest natural technology hubs for the transformation of food systems in the world and belongs to the Kimitec biotech group.

The agreement is part of Nueva Pescanova’s efforts to improve animal welfare, as highlighted by David Chavarrías, managing director of the Pescanova Biomarine Center, the group’s Aquaculture R&D Center.

Chavarrías signed the agreement with Félix García Moreno, CEO and founder of Kimitec and MAAVi, who highlighted that the knowledge acquired over the last 15 years will contribute to his achievements.