A few days before the arrival of the British King Charles III. and his wife Camilla in Berlin, the police are preparing extensive security measures and traffic closures. The three-day visit from Wednesday to Friday with many stops in Berlin and Brandenburg and an onward journey to Hamburg requires demanding logistics. The special challenge is to reconcile the king’s wishes for direct contact with Berliners and Brandenburgers and security.

The most important appointment with direct contact with the public is at the beginning of the visit on Wednesday afternoon. Charles III and his wife Camilla are greeted with military honors in front of the Brandenburg Gate – for the first time this is happening at this location and not, as is usually the case, in front of Bellevue Palace, the seat of the Federal President. The reason given was that as many people as possible could see the royal couple. A “meeting with citizens” is planned.

The royal couple is traveling in a Bentley luxury sedan. It is accompanied by a motorcade made up of personal employees, the police, representatives of the German state and the British embassy. On Thursday morning we go to the Bundestag and in the afternoon to the arrival center for Ukrainian refugees in Tegel. Later the column drives to Brandenburg to German and British soldiers and to an eco-village.