Only at the end of summer does Manhattan have its first beach. With sand, parasols, deck chairs and a view of the Statue of Liberty and the new World Trade Center, the so-called “Gansevoort Peninsula” opened in the southwest of the island on the Hudson River – right next to the Whitney Museum, the High Line Park and the work of art “Day’s End”. ” by David Hammons, which juts out into the river.

Dozens of people took advantage of the warm, sunny autumn days that started October in New York after a lot of rain to explore the artificial beach and take photos. For example, you can go kayaking from the beach, but swimming is officially not allowed for safety reasons.

The “Gansevoort Peninsula” was actually supposed to open months ago – at the start of summer. But construction delays postponed the completion of the project.

In total, the metropolis of New York has almost 23 kilometers of natural beaches, but so far only in the four other boroughs, i.e. Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island.

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