Three years after the start of the corona pandemic, the obligation to wear a mask is being introduced into the car in a certain way. Motorists in Germany must add two medical corona protective masks to the first aid material in their vehicle as of February. It is not mandatory that they are FFP2 masks.

The corresponding DIN 13164 has been in force since February 2022, but there is still a transitional period until January 31, 2023. From February, only first aid kits according to the new standard 13164:2022 may be sold. However, first aid kits with the previously valid versions of DIN 13164 (January 1998 and January 2014) may continue to be used and do not have to be replaced. If the content has not yet expired, you can simply add the missing materials according to the current standard. One of the two previously prescribed triangular bandages and the smaller bandage bandage are no longer mandatory in the first aid kit.

In general, the best-before date of the first-aid kit should be observed. It is four years and is intended to ensure that the material containing it, such as compresses and bandages, is still sterile. Because it can be extremely important in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the first aid material must be packaged in such a way that its contents are protected from dust and moisture as well as from fuel and lubricants.

If there is no first-aid kit in the vehicle, if it is incomplete or the validity date has expired, it will be assessed as a minor defect during the general inspection. In such a case, a traffic check threatens a fine of ten euros.

The following material must be included in the first aid kit from February 1, 2023:

Sources: Automobile Club Verkehr, MDR