A man has died after an altercation in Stade, Lower Saxony, with several people injured. The 35-year-old died in a hospital as a result of a stab wound, police said. The officers are investigating the unknown attacker for murder.

According to police, the situation escalated on Friday afternoon after an accident involving three vehicles at the port. The occupants got out and clashed. The 35-year-old was critically injured with the knife in front of a patrol car crew who happened to be there. In the end, the doctors couldn’t do anything for him. Another man was injured, but his life is not in danger.

According to the information, the police officers used pepper spray to separate the opponents and then take care of the victims. Two men were slightly injured by the pepper spray. All injured people were taken to clinics for treatment.

How are the acts related?

About an hour and a half before this incident, a group of previously unknown men broke the windows of a sports and shisha shop in downtown Stade and destroyed the inventory, it was said. The perpetrators apparently also sprayed pepper spray into the store and then fled.

How the two acts are related and who was involved initially remained unclear. According to the police’s initial findings, there was a difference between two large families. The initial investigations, witness interviews and searches for clues at the crime scene lasted until the early hours of the morning on Saturday. The fire department illuminated the crime scene and divers searched the Stade harbor basin for evidence.

According to the police, 15 patrol cars were deployed at times to secure the crime scene and the clinics and search for the perpetrators. The investigators feared an escalation with grieving relatives. The homicide squad is now looking for the suspect.