The Crown is probably the issue that causes the most division between PSOE and United We Can, the two government parties. The mayor of Sanxenxo has confirmed that Juan Carlos I will return to Spain this Saturday, May 21, specifically to that town in Pontevedra, almost two years after his withdrawal to Abu Dhabi due to tax scandals. “The Monarchy is an institution designed to commit crimes,” the spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, denounced this Tuesday at the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons.

La Moncloa and the PSOE do not want to criticize the announcement by King Felipe’s father; «we respect the decisions of the institution», «nothing to object to the visit». Nor have they asked for explanations for the alleged irregularities that made him leave the country, as the investiture partners do.

The PSOE has appeared today with a marked institutional profile, and that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, did demand this transparency and clarifications last October.

United We Can usually use the Crown to set a profile against the socialists, reinforcing its republican character is one of its strategies to differentiate itself from the PSOE within the coalition Executive. Echenique insists on the need to modify article 56.3 of the Constitution, regarding the inviolability of the King, because “it allows the head of state to commit crimes that are not tried.”

The PSOE spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, has been cautious in the face of accusations of “embarrassment” from his parliamentary allies. “We have always expressed respect for the decisions of the Royal House, we understand that they occur within the legal channels and there are no reasons to oppose the visit,” explained Gómez. “We defend the important role that the Crown continues to play in our country, we need a vertebrate country and our current system guarantees it,” he added.

Echenique says that they do not care if Felipe VI “is a better King” than his father, because his concern is another: “A problem of lack of democracy and institutionalism, which is not from the 21st century or from the European Union.” Also Mertxe Aizpurua, Bildu’s parliamentary spokesperson, has called for modifying the figure of inviolability. “Welcome to the Middle Ages, it is shown again that the emeritus king does not care about his fellow citizens,” she has said; and then she added: “We are experiencing an unprecedented spectacle, because in any other country this would have immediate consequences.”

The president of the United We Can group, Jaume Asens, has demanded that “explanations” and fewer races. But Echenique himself has admitted that they do not trust this “exercise of accountability and transparency.” Joan Baldoví (Compromís) considers that Juan Carlos “has more face than back” and Íñigo Errejón (Más País) that he “disguises” so that “it seems that he regrets a little.” The latest in relation to the statements of the king emeritus joking with his sailor friends that he is “a little out of training” in sailing.