According to the Associated Press, Mike Tyson will not be facing criminal charges in connection to an April altercation during which he repeatedly punched a passenger on board a commercial plane. Due to “the circumstances surrounding this confrontation,” the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office will not charge the boxing legend.

“These include the conduct by the victim leading to the incident, Mr. Tyson’s interaction with the victim as well as the requests made by both the victim as well as Mr. Tyson for no charges in this case,” Stephen Wagstaffe, District Attorney, stated in a statement to the AP. It is a case that doesn’t belong in the criminal court. They can sue each other if they wish.

Tyson was on a JetBlue flight departing from San Francisco on April 20th and was heading to Florida when the incident, which was captured on tape, occurred.

Tyson was seen punching the man in the footage. He was clearly drunk. Before the punches began, Tyson stood over Tyson and shouted at him.

Tyson tried to ignore the man at first, but then the confrontation turned physical.

Tyson’s representatives said that the man behind Tyson was an aggressive passenger who harassed him and threw water bottles at him during the altercation.