The Islamist Hamas says it does not want to continue negotiations about the release of further hostages until the end of the Gaza war.

Saleh al-Aruri, a Hamas leader, said the remaining hostages included only men who had served in the army and soldiers. Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant, however, said there were still 15 women and two children among the hostages held by Hamas.

Last week, Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire for the first time through the mediation of Qatar, Egypt and the USA, which was briefly extended twice. During this time, Hamas released 105 hostages, including 14 Germans, and Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners in return. The Israeli army informed six Israeli families of hostages over the weekend that their relatives are no longer alive.

The week-long break in fighting expired on Friday morning. Israel accused the terrorist organization Hamas of failing to fulfill its obligation to release all female hostages. Hamas accused Israel of rejecting offers. Al-Aruri, who lives in Beirut, said there would be no negotiations under fire.

According to media reports, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the Israeli coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv and demanded the immediate release of all hostages in the Gaza Strip. Israel assumes that a total of 137 hostages are still being held in the coastal strip.