The president of the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, has opted for “greater freedom” in the taxi sector in order to “improve the service” and, for this, has asked for “fewer restrictions” and “eliminate obstacles.” “The ideological restrictions are not good and are seriously harming the public service that it provides and that it has to continue providing,” he criticized.

Mazón, together with the secretary of the PPCV, Mª José Catalá, held a working meeting with the president of the Provincial Auto-taxis Association of Valencia, Ismael Arráez, in which they addressed the main demands of this sector, according to has indicated the formation in a statement.

“You cannot continue to cut schedules unnecessarily, nor the mobility of this service, nor put obstacles in the way of having a second or third license.

We have to be prepared to provide a good service because times like summer come when there is a large influx of tourists and this public service cannot be provided in optimal conditions for the user and to leave a good image of the city”, he argued.

The leader of the PPCV has assured that it is “fundamental” that there is a “good coexistence” in public transport because the taxi sector “is fed up with so many restrictions.” “Taxi drivers must be given freedom so that they can provide an adequate service, because they want to give it and they will not let them,” he defended.

Carlos Mazón has urged to work “decisively” with the sector to “eliminate obstacles to their work and provide formulas that make it easier for them to work more and with better hours.” In addition, he has promised to “review the taxes they pay and increase the aid that already exists for the modernization and electrification of their fleet.”