August 22nd, Nice – Marseille: OM striker Dimitri Payet is presented with a full bottle of wine in the neck, thrown by a Nice fan near the corner post. The French international fired the projectile at the stand in anger, which provoked the fury of the supporters. Twelve of them attempt to fight on the lawn. The match will be stopped at Troyes and replayed there. Nice will also be sanctioned with three games behind closed doors.

September 18, Lens-Lille: Halftime of the North derby is interrupted by several dozen Lensois ultras who cross the field in search of the Lille ultras, who they accuse are throwing projectiles at Lensois supporters. After being interrupted for half an hour the match resumed as normal. The clubs were then allowed to withdraw one point.

November 21st, Lyon – Marseille: Dimitri Payet gets a bottle in his head from a Lyon supporter at the corner post. The match was stopped after long negotiations and interruptions. It will now be replayed behind closed eyes. Lyon, just like Nice, will also be punished with a one-point withdrawal.

The insults and projectile throwing at

December 17, Paris FC- Lyon: In 32nd Final of Coupe de France, there were clashes (smokebombs, fights etc. At half-time, fighting broke out between supporters of both teams for approximately ten minutes. The match was stopped and the match was then interrupted. Both teams will be expelled from the competition.

May 29, Saint-Etienne – Auxerre – Saint-Etienne’s second leg play-off match ended in a draw. Saint-Etienne was beaten on penalties. This marked their fall into Ligue 2. Several hundred people gathered on the field after the last penalty was taken. Some started lighting fireflies and hurling smoke at the presidential box and towards the players’ entrance. The police intervened and used tear gas to disperse them while the players took refuge in the locker rooms.

Surreal scene at end of