It could be described as a storm in the teacup. Even though we are not far from an earthquake, this penknife strike in the contract that until then connected Le Nouveau Center-Les Centristes and the Republicans is still terrible. Marion Berginiat is the deputy mayor of Saint-Sever and will no longer be allowed to use the Republicans logo.

“I discovered that Madame Berginiat was invested by Les Centristes from the third constituency in the Landes. This ultimately tickled off the Republicans when they filed candidacies for prefecture. Arnaud Tauzin was also sent a letter to his departmental secretary. He learned that Marion Berginiat’s candidacy “cannot claim the support of Les Centristes-Le Nouveau Center on any campaign documents, even official”. Under penalty of summary proceedings

The incident was described by the LR candidate in the third constituency as “a minor disagreement”. Marion Berginiat is keen to fully invest in the campaign and does not want to be a part of any controversy. She merely recalls the facts and says, “I was invested in by both parties. I have been campaigning since February but have not seen many New Center members by my side. When I checked the box regarding my political affiliation to prefecture, it was clear that I preferred the person who is on the ground with “she explains.”

They live the thing like a breach of contract, which I find shameful. She minimizes the possibility that they would like us to take down a logo. However, it will not affect our common plans for the territory.