There were 2,667 forced evictions in Saxony last year. “This value is at the high level of 2021. Saxony remains in negative 3rd place nationwide,” said the left-wing faction in the state parliament on Tuesday in the evaluation of a small question to parliament. “It is unacceptable that people are thrown out of their homes,” said Juliane Nagel, referring to the loss of income in the corona pandemic and rising energy costs. “If there is no longer enough money for the rent or ancillary costs, there is a risk of dismissal and eviction proceedings. We call for a ban on forced evictions.”

The main reason for homelessness is rent arrears, said Nagel. This not only applies to cold rent, but also to additional costs. “Because energy has recently become much more expensive, the risk of dismissal is growing. The federal government is still guilty of protective mechanisms such as the ban on forced evictions or better protection against dismissal. That’s why the Saxon state government has to put pressure on Berlin.” The hardship fund for increased energy costs is just a “drop in the ocean”. Among other things, better funding conditions for social housing and instruments to dampen rents are needed.

Small question about forced evictions