The devastating forest fires in Hawaii cost the lives of almost a hundred people. One of them is Franklin Trejos, who died at the age of 68 while trying to save a dog from the flames.

Trejos had lived for 30 years in the small town of Lahaina, which was hit particularly hard by the fires: more than 2,000 buildings there burned down in whole or in part. So does the house where Trejos lived with his longtime friend Geoff Bogar and his wife. As the fires spread, they stayed behind to help other residents and protect their own home. That didn’t work – the three had to flee. But while Bogar made it out of the flaming hell, Trejos wasn’t so lucky.

Geoff Bogar returned to the house the next day to find the remains of his roommate and friend in the back seat of his car. Trejo’s body lay on Bogar’s dog. The three-year-old golden retriever did not survive either. Trejos and the dog are said to have had a very special relationship, the Costa Rican’s niece told US media. Apparently he wanted to save the animal.

Geoff Bogar himself only managed to escape very narrowly. As the fire got out of hand, he tried to escape in his car. However, the car did not start immediately. So he smashed the window, got out of the car and crawled on the ground until police found him and took him to the hospital.

The Lahaina fire is now mostly contained. Nevertheless, the city was hit hard and the town center was completely destroyed. So far, 99 deaths from the fires in Hawaii have been officially confirmed. However, the number may increase in the coming days as many people are still missing. Gov. Josh Green said the death toll could potentially double in the next 10 days.

Sources: AP / CNN / DPA

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