Trainers there are many. Trainers with charisma not so many. Klopp is one of them, but he is as good a speaker as he is a complainer. The German coach was ironic with the green of the Stade de France, a new one yesterday Thursday, something that Jurgen did not like, transformed into Xavi for a few seconds: «We would play on any grass as long as the circumstances are the same for both teams, as is the case, so it will not be a problem. In an ideal world we would play on the best possible grass, but they tell me that this is not the case. If it wins we won’t be interested in talking about the grass at all, but I hope there won’t be any news about me and the grass… I don’t know how bad or how good it is.

Now we are going to train and maybe it is not so bad, but it is not what they have told me.

Klopp revealed that, except for an unexpected setback today, Fabinho and Thiago will be starters, and that he does not intend to do strange things in his approach. Nor did he want to assess what his feeling would be if he won tomorrow against Real Madrid, whom he put as the favorite: «Real Madrid is the most successful team and you cannot buy their experience overnight, but it is our third final in five years and we are also a high-level team. Favorite? That does not matter to me. Looking at the history, the experience and the way Madrid has come back, I’d say it’s Madrid. We could make a book of Madrid’s comebacks in this Champions League, but if we play with our best version we are a difficult team to win.”

Klopp did not want to get wet about the intense rumors that place Mané, whose contract ends in 2023, at Bayern. He also wanted to downplay Salah’s desire for revenge, ensuring that each of his 25 players has different motivations for wanting to win this Saturday, but at the same time he recalled the 2018 final with a list of setbacks that sounded like tears at the wrong time: « The first day in a job is not going to be the best day of your life, but you keep working, successes are coming and suddenly you find yourself in an important moment. In 2018 we reached that final with only three wheels. We didn’t have a full bench, we had important players coming back from injuries, what happened with Salah, what happened with Karius who was shocked and shouldn’t have played, but you have to learn to win. This team has learned it. We won in 2019, but the problem is that Madrid never lose a final. Someone once told me that the more times you win, the closer you are to losing. We’ll see if that’s the case tomorrow.”

Finally, Klopp wanted to send a message to Ukraine and Putin. This final was scheduled in Saint Petersburg until the war caused his transfer to Paris. The Liverpool coach thought carefully about the answer, but he was clear and direct: “Life goes on even if Russia tries to destroy it. We played this match also for Ukraine.”