The Ruiz de Luna Ceramic Museum hosted this Friday, June 10, a poetic meeting in tribute to the poets Joaquín Benito de Lucas and Pedro Tenorio, who died in 2021. It was an event organized by the Association of Friends of the Museum, in collaboration with the Museum itself, which brought together fifty attendees next to the exhibition space in which a poem from the book by Benito de Lucas ‘Canción del Ánfora’ is shown.

The meeting was coordinated by the Literature teacher Inés Valverde, member of the Association of Friends, and the poets Antonio del Camino, Vicente Magaña, Pepe Pulido, Miguel Argaya, Arantxa Oteo and Ángel Ballesteros attended.

In addition, they could not attend but Alfredo J. Ramos, Miguel Ángel Curiel and Jaime Olmedo joined, who sent texts that were read, in turn, by César Pacheco, José Luis Espinosa and Inés Valverde.

The singer-songwriter Javier Ahijada also participated in the meeting, which was attended, among others, by the Councilor for Cultural Promotion, Carlos Gil, and the professor and director of the Melibea Collection, Abraham Madroñal.

In the Association of Friends they think that museums are spaces that can bring together very different spheres in an environment that invites contemplation, enjoyment or, sometimes, reflection and debate.

On this occasion, the activity served to honor two poets who died in 2021 (in April and May) and who left a deep mark on the city.