Los Serrano marked a before and after in the history of television. It was one of the most watched and long-lived series to date and its protagonists became true idols for teenagers. Among them were Victor Elías and Fran Perea, now musicians and once actors.

If Elías was the voice and the leader of the ‘Santa Justa Klan’ (SJK), Fran Perea triumphed alone with his ‘One plus one is seven’. Both made his music known in fiction and now Elías announces a joint project on his Instagram. “Little things are coming,” wrote the first. Perea clarified: «Little things of brothers». In the image uploaded to social networks, the records of the fictional musical bands appear framed.

Neither of the two performers, also musicians, has revealed more about this project, but together with the post they have added, among other hashtags, that of

Since the news was published on social networks, a day ago, there are already more than 26,000 ‘likes’ and more than 300 comments. Among them, those of her co-star, Natalia Sánchez (Teté, in the series), who has written: «If you need choirs… Here I am! HANDSOME! Can’t wait for you to tell us!».