Von Notz commented on current reports that a pro-Ukrainian group is said to be responsible for the blasts on the gas pipelines. As controllers of the German intelligence services, the members of the Bundestag wanted “to be able to understand whether they are working effectively and well, properly investigate all indications of the pipeline assassins and cooperate internationally to an appropriate extent,” said the Green politician.

There is “great understanding that careful investigations take time,” von Notz continued. “But there is also an obligation to provide information to Parliament and the public.”

At the same time, the Green politician warned to be “maximum reluctance to draw any conclusions at this point in time”. It is “very likely to be dealing with a state or quasi-state actor because it is very demanding to transport large quantities of explosives – up to two tons are now being discussed – undetected to the right place in the Baltic Sea, him to a relevant depth in order to trigger several explosions in a controlled manner.” Such an “act of terrorism with a state background makes it more likely that false or deceptive traces were laid”.

A total of four explosions in September in the economic zones of Sweden and Denmark in the Baltic Sea caused several leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines, which were built to transport Russian gas to Germany. The pipelines were not operating at the time of the explosions but contained gas. According to Sweden, sabotage is behind the incident. Accordingly, explosive residues were detected.