I’m thinking about quitting smoking. Since nobody has to convince me that it is terrible for your health, I already have that earned and, at least, I reduce the temptation and avoid having tobacco at hand. Since I’m lazier going out to buy at the tobacconist’s than spending the monkey, I’m pulling and hours and even days go by, and who knows if I may even forget to entertain myself with some other hobby or activity.

Laziness, along with pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony and envy are the seven passions of the soul that the ecclesiastical tradition calls deadly sins. Of the seven I have more or less controlled three or four (arrogance, greed, anger or envy) it depends on the times and fundamentally because you cannot put a but to the virtues that are opposed (humility, generosity, patience and charity). Lust and gluttony in moderation have their grace and if we don’t sin anymore it’s because we can’t; For the first, you need a well-disposed opponent, and you usually regret the second as soon as heartburn appears. But what’s wrong with laziness? You can be diligent, active and even decisive and, at the same time, the list of things, situations and people that make you lazy is getting longer and longer.

For example, there is nothing that gives me more laziness than washing my hair in the shower and, nevertheless, I would enter each and every one of the hairdressers that I find on my way to turn torture into pleasure; I’m lazy to do maneuvers to park the car between two vehicles, but I go through all the floors of the car park until I find two free spaces for myself and, in addition, I adjust to the margins, for the record. The worst, however, is the laziness that some people give me, which I imagine will be the same, or perhaps more, than the one they feel when faced with the possibility of having a relationship with me. Infinite laziness to face discussions that you no longer want to have, to laugh thanks to subjects who believe they are Superman and, in short, total laziness to waste time.