Agents of the National Police have intervened 92 kilos of marijuana after dismantling a plantation of this substance installed in a luxury villa in the Valencian town of Chiva and have arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of drug trafficking and fluid fraud electric.

The Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (Udyco) of the Valencia Provincial Judicial Police Brigade ended the police operation on May 25 after locating a luxury villa in the town of Chiva, where the agents verified that the crime was taking place. hydroponic cultivation of marijuana and, for this, the house was illegally connected to the electricity grid, the security forces and bodies have reported in a statement.

The house was located in an area surrounded by trees, which made surveillance tasks difficult. However, investigators located a plantation and seized around 92 kilos of marijuana, while arresting the suspect in charge of its care.

The detainee, 31 years old and of Albanian origin, had only been in Spain for three days and, apparently, had arrived in the country to transfer the drug to the United Kingdom. For all these reasons, the man was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of drug trafficking and electric power fraud, and has gone to court, after ordering his entry into prison.

The investigations continue to clarify the facts and the Civil Guard does not rule out more arrests.