The controversial US Congressman George Santos, who has been criticized for numerous lies about his CV, wants to run again in next year’s election as a representative of New York’s third congressional district. “I am proud to present my candidacy for re-election

Santos won his seat in the House of Representatives in last November’s midterm elections with the help of at times outrageous misrepresentations about his origins and financial background. He presented himself as an elite university graduate who had made a successful career on Wall Street and amassed a real estate portfolio. In fact, the conservative politician wasn’t even at college, didn’t work, as claimed, for the investment bank Goldman Sachs and the banking group Citigroup and has had trouble paying his rent in recent years.

Santos’ claims that he had Jewish ancestry were also proven false, as were his claims that he was a successful college volleyball player and that his mother survived the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. There are also questions about campaign financing for the Republican with Brazilian roots.

And a few years ago, Santos was investigated for allegedly buying puppies for thousands of dollars with bad checks. In another case, a US veteran accused him of stealing thousands of dollars raised during an online fundraiser for his dog’s surgery.

Several investigations are now underway against the impostor. He is being reviewed by local Nassau County prosecutors, the House Ethics Committee and other investigative bodies.

In his campaign announcement, Santos left his lies completely unmentioned. Instead, he presented himself as a “reliable conservative voice” and a champion of conservative principles in Washington, highlighting his background as “a poor boy of immigrant parents in Queens” and “the first openly gay Republican elected to Congress.” “Good is not good enough and I’m not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” the politician wrote.

Prior to his swearing-in in early January, Santos admitted that he had “embellished” his educational credentials and job information. However, he denied having committed any crimes. Ignoring calls for him to give up his seat, he said voters in his Queens and Long Island congressional district should decide whether he stays or goes.

There were only isolated calls for Santos’ resignation from the ranks of the Republicans. The Grand Old Party only has a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and is therefore dependent on every vote. Republican Chamber Chairman Kevin McCarthy has been accused of not taking tough enough action against Santos.

However, Santos should not have high hopes of being re-elected. According to surveys, the majority of voters in his district reject him across party lines, as reported by the US broadcaster CNBC. In January, 78 percent of District 3 voters said they wanted Santos to resign, according to Politico.

In addition, according to reports, the controversial MP has little money in his campaign coffers. According to his campaign documents, at the end of March he had just over $25,000 in cash. And he already has an inner-party competitor: Kellen Curry, an Afghanistan war veteran and student at Columbia University who is doing a master’s degree in sports management, announced his candidacy for Santos’ seat earlier this month.

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