The Attorney for Citizens and former Vice President of the Board Francisco Igea has affirmed this Wednesday in the plenary session of the Cortes that his political formation should not have formed a government with the ‘popular’ three years ago. “Yes, we were wrong, it’s over,” he said, in response to the socialist Luis Briones, who questioned that in the last legislature Cs did not fulfill its promises in the face of the initiatives presented by the PSOE, including those of the 2030 Agenda.

In the last legislature, the PSOE achieved victory, being the first force, with 35 prosecutors, while the PP was second, with 29. However, the pact with Ciudadanos and its 12 seats made it possible for the Government to be formed.

Francisco Igea has thus taken advantage of his last turn in the debate of a motion to settle, in his opinion, the reproach about the Cs pact with the PP, which gave rise to a coalition government chaired by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.