We saw it in Maria Chapdelaine, the film The Mongol Kings, in an intrigue of District 31 and in the youth series Jenny. We will see him in season 2 of Cerebrum, in the film La Cordonnière and in the title role of the film The Diver, adaptation of the novel by Stéphane Larue. Henri Picard is certainly much more than “the son of”.

He is the son of two actors who are as active as they are loved in Quebec: Isabel Richer and Luc Picard. However, for a few years now, Henri Picard has been pursuing his career as he sees fit, far from the approval, management or advice of his famous parents. And it bears fruit.

After having shot, in 2017, under the direction of his father in the feature film Les rois mongols (for the record, Henri, curious, had expressed the desire to experience a real audition process and, against all odds, , given the role!) and having participated in various projects, the 20-year-old actor has just completed thirty days of filming the film The Diver adapted from the novel by Quebec author Stéphane Larue, which won various awards at its release in 2016, including the Prix des Libraires du Québec and the Senghor prize for the first French-language novel.

Slot machines

The novel tells the story of a young graphic design student who loves drawing who gets stuck in a spiral of debt while playing slot machines, and who becomes a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant where crazy parties follow one another.

“It was the best experience of my life,” he says. I loved the script, then it was when I read the book that I really immersed myself in its universe of slot machines, restaurants and endless nights. »

winter story

The actor explains that he felt that it was a character who could stick to his personality, especially for his introverted side. He also fraternized with the author Stéphane Larue.

“Winter, we had it in the bones, adds the actor who shot from February 14 to March 30. It’s a winter film and story and there are several outdoor scenes. Let’s say I got cold in my little leather coat. »

Anyone who dreams of playing in the theater will also be in the cast of La cordonnière, François Bouvier’s eighth feature film (Paul à Québec, La Bolduc). It stars Rose-Marie Perreault as Victoire Du Sault, the first shoemaker in Quebec. Henri plays the role of Ferdinand, the son of the character played by Pierre-Yves Cardinal.