After a serious accident in Hürth near Cologne, a driver fled – leaving behind a dead 44-year-old passenger and a seriously injured boy. According to witnesses, the driver who crashed his car into a traffic light pole on Friday evening got into another car and fled, the investigative authorities said on Saturday.

According to the information, the accident was preceded by a braking maneuver. As a result, the driver lost control and the car crashed into the traffic light. The 44-year-old passenger was trapped in the impact and died in the wreck. The 13-year-old boy was rescued by first responders with serious injuries, it was said. Paramedics took him to a clinic.

According to witnesses, the driver of the accident car got out and got into another car, a dark station wagon, which drove away from the scene of the accident. There were other occupants in the vehicle. The police and public prosecutor’s office did not initially provide any further information. The unknown man is said to be around 40 years old and corpulent. Why he abandoned the occupants of his accident car and fled was still unclear.