For the second time in its history, the Supreme Court of Canada will sit outside of Ottawa to hear two cases during its visit to Quebec next September.

Thus, the Court will hear appeals from two decisions of the Quebec Court of Appeal, but that is not all. During her visit to the provincial capital, she will also host a public event and participate in awareness-raising activities.

“Since I became Chief Justice of Canada, one of the priorities I have set for myself is to ensure that the Supreme Court of Canada becomes an even more open and accessible institution for the public,” said the judge in Chief Richard Wagner. Part of that is bringing the Court to different parts of the country and allowing people to see for themselves that Canadian courts are open, impartial and independent.”

The details of this visit scheduled for September 12 to 16 will be revealed on the Supreme Court of Canada’s website and on its social networks throughout the spring and summer.

“This will be a unique opportunity for citizens to learn about the work of the Supreme Court and better understand the essential role the courts play in our democratic society; and for the judges, the privilege of once again discovering this remarkable city which is the cradle of the Canadian Francophonie,” declared the Chief Justice of Quebec, Manon Savard.

It was in 2019 that the Supreme Court sat outside of Ottawa for the first time. She had traveled to Winnipeg on this occasion.